Are You Craving An All-Natural Healthy Chocolate Bar?


Posted by Donna R. Humphreys | Posted in Effective Weight Loss | Posted on 30-12-2016

Are You Craving An All-Natural Healthy Chocolate Bar? True statement…your chocolate craving satisfied.

You probably never thought that was a possibility. Chocolate has been given a bad rap. Clearly, the vast majority of chocolate bars, especially your candy store selections, should be avoided because of their high refined sugar concentration. However, not all chocolate is created equal. While the health benefits of cacao in chocolate is well documented, sugar is still NOT good for you. Your intentions are honorable when it comes to your sugar consumption…eat it in moderation. You’re human and that moderation goal may not be easily accomplished. Virtually all conventional chocolate bars are made with roasted cacao fortified with other heavy ingredients, notably refined sugar. When cacao is roasted, it not only loses its natural form, its vitamin C component is also depleted.


Enter ROAR!

All-Natural Healthy Chocolate Bar

ROAR is, by far, the new way to satisfy your chocolate craving without all the guilt. Yes, Roar Chocolate is all natural Belgian chocolate. It’s healthy (yes, there’s such a thing as healthy chocolate) with all the good stuff and none of the bad. Satisfy your chocolate indulgence today…guilt free!